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Lionel Messi All 18 Goals & Assists for Barcelona and Argentina 2017/2018 (so far)

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Text Comments (26)
EuphoriaGaming HD (4 months ago)
Updates Updated version pls
Bonar M. Nur (4 months ago)
Messi the legend
Haris Khan (5 months ago)
Ma Haris khan messi is the skills machine
Onecia Bartley (7 months ago)
This man is truly a hero
Les fans de f.t/J.x (5 months ago)
Onecia Bartley https://youtu.be/F6-_98NMBkc
Darius Hasanian (8 months ago)
messi is noob
braian bj (8 months ago)
Darius Hasanian messi is argentino
Darius Hasanian (8 months ago)
no bad reactions please
Inception 4 (8 months ago)
Dave_0000 David (8 months ago)
arsenalfanrichi (10 months ago)
That last goal is Mental.
FeelsBadMan n (10 months ago)
He is 30.. i don't want him to retire... football without messi is nothing :\ no one can match his level.. even ronaldo don't get me wrong ronaldo is a top great scorer of all all time.. but the way messi dribbles and scores is way out of this world.. I've never ever seen a football player dribbles inside the penalty area like he is playing outside his house vs big teams like madrid.
Musab Ali (2 months ago)
FeelsBadMan n I agree with u bruh
Yassine Jr (11 months ago)
Great work bro, come on facebook i sent you a message inbox
Kokó Football Reactions (11 months ago)
i hope he wins the world cup so he can prove everyone wrong. one last chance....
m b (2 months ago)
SomeRage 7 nah
EuphoriaGaming HD (4 months ago)
Larry Medina what about Roger Milla? He was 43
philip thomas (7 months ago)
Winning the world cup now would prove nothing , the WC quality will never return after WC 2006 when all the legends retired and that is why no one gives a damn about Messi and Ronaldo at international level , they both missed those opportunities at 2006 WC the last one that counted
Ryu Mcloyd (8 months ago)
Larry Medina it wasn't his best tournament, in fact he didn't play most part of it because of doping
Phạm Duy Trung (11 months ago)
He makes everything ez like a piece of cake. Wish him good luck in Russia GOAT.
Nghia Nguyen (11 months ago)
Very good , like 18

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