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Mauro Icardi 2018 ● Beast Mode - Crazy Skills

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Text Comments (90)
Rojel Tariq (21 days ago)
Icardi es mas feo que un burro comiendo mierda,roba novias y un matao
# just do it (1 month ago)
Why in Pes this player dribbling are low lol
Jaes (2 months ago)
What is the second bgm?
r10molinavizion (2 months ago)
Argentina lo tubo que haber llevado al mundial
Hassan ND (2 months ago)
he is good but for me higuain is better
Aquiles (2 months ago)
Should have been in russia 2018
Christian Remo (2 months ago)
Menudo tronco
Mati R (1 month ago)
Bueno, el no tiene la culpa de que seas Messi para tener tanta habilidad con los pies.
Razib talokder (2 months ago)
BADDAS BOY BD (2 months ago)
Bald Sampaoli choose Higuain over Icardi .
Golam Masud Mondal (2 months ago)
Future of ARG
lohit raj (2 months ago)
Fuck higuain n aguero
Adithya Kiran.N. (2 months ago)
And Argentina went for Higuain..😫
Mauro Di Giulio (2 months ago)
Icardi is a beast but this aren't crazy skills..
Giancarlo Firipuci (2 months ago)
*Crazy finishing skills
muhammedali ikbal (3 months ago)
But he is not include in Messi`s circle. So, he is out from WC team.
Shezin Shaduli (3 months ago)
please give a video of Leo sane
Shezin Shaduli (3 months ago)
please give a video of low sane
Shezin Shaduli (3 months ago)
please give a video of low sane
Michał Urban (4 months ago)
Icardi better than higuan
Mujavir Kp4 (4 months ago)
Adam Timung (4 months ago)
Let him start for Argentina!
SEMERE POEM (4 months ago)
Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz nop he is not
Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz (4 months ago)
Adam Timung He is in list??
Marco Taurino (4 months ago)
Chi dice che icardi è scarso è solamente invidioso perché l'Inter ha un attaccante fuoriclasse
George Nyangaya (4 months ago)
Perfect fit for Chelsea??👀
George Nyangaya (4 months ago)
Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz Ayt we'll tale suarez😂
Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz (4 months ago)
George Nyangaya Hé want to play with messi in Barcelona 😊
Juan Gongora (5 months ago)
Icardi deja a todos los arqueros quietos, sin saber a donde lanzarse :v
Zakia Ibn (5 months ago)
hakim ziyache
Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz (4 months ago)
Zakia Ibn Hi zakia, do you know Samira said?
Dedin suhendra16 (5 months ago)
Saya orang indonesia yang orang indonesia pasti ngerti bahasa saya dan comen di bawah
Iván Riqueros (5 months ago)
Que lo pongan en vez de Gonzalo.
Alvin Hepburn (5 months ago)
Better than Higuain
# just do it (1 month ago)
Alvin Hepburn surely
Amri Yahya (6 months ago)
welcome to manchester united
matthew (7 months ago)
He has no weak foot
His weak foot is his left foot
ruffrider703 (7 months ago)
hes like the south american Giroud with a bit more speed
Madalena Veloso (7 months ago)
Edenilson silva (7 months ago)
Paulinho (Vasco Da Gama) Brazil
Tabish Tariq (8 months ago)
Do martial
Raditya Aufar (8 months ago)
Imo you are the best football video maker rn, every clip is in good quality, no over edit like too much effect, and good song that make the video so much better. Keep it up!
Михаил Шаров (8 months ago)
Pleause make video Mbappe Rockstar 2018
AERIX (8 months ago)
Amazing video man
xMETALxROCKxMIROSx (8 months ago)
Where are the skills? Lol overrated forward....
Mati R (1 month ago)
What a stupid thought, for being a killer striker does not mean he does not have skills, he has them, but they are reflected differently
GeNiUsG (8 months ago)
18Goles/1Asistencia/20Partidos PLZ
Abdul wasay (8 months ago)
Harry Kane please!
슬기사랑해요 (8 months ago)
make Son(Tottenham) special skillmovie please
Delalipop (8 months ago)
He is the definition of a clinical finisher
Mil0x7 (8 months ago)
Vidal or Griezman please!!!!!!
직류Jhey: (8 months ago)
Do Lemar pls
HO12 HD (8 months ago)
This a amazing bro
Delalipop (8 months ago)
I’ve never seen a bad video from this channel.
Ver Dist (8 months ago)
Riad Mahrez
iF7 Productions (8 months ago)
Likeee "Thank"
Basile Duval (8 months ago)
Do it on Cavani
Igor de Sousa 22 (8 months ago)
Isco 2018
Bob Miter (8 months ago)
Hasn't proven himself in UCL, if he was a prem player everyone would call him overrated
Pvf Gaudenzi (2 days ago)
Now he has
Z4RD0 (1 month ago)
Bob Miter next year he’ll prove ;)
Angel Vazquez (8 months ago)
Francisco Singh (8 months ago)
Welcome to Real Madrid
챔피언스리그FIFA19 (4 months ago)
The player is like Ronaldo.
The fake ColuiCheTara (5 months ago)
Eh volevi!!
Love Metal (8 months ago)
Francisco Singh Nah we don't want to play at Europa league
Yes mate I voted for this. Elite vid.
Messi Best 10 (8 months ago)
Nice Bro Pls my Channel subs u support me bro share pls pls pls
Best vidéo
Julián DG (8 months ago)
Nice vid Sen keep up the good work!! Second song please? :)
임재준 (8 months ago)
Perla Diaz (8 months ago)
Mauro icardi 😍
Luís Silva (8 months ago)
Icardi by la cantera del Barça :D He is Oliver Queen
Francisco Singh (8 months ago)
jajaja ese ingles :'v. Icardi vendrá al Madrid, en el barca lo desperdiciastéis, el se marchó solito porque no le daban oportunidades en el primer equipo
Mano eu vi esse canal desde q ele tinha 32 inscritos
JK Films (8 months ago)
futebolistas insanos #11 top sub my channel bro
Jamaican Dragon ™ (8 months ago)
Great vid Sen💯
ran cu (8 months ago)
Lemar please
JK Films (8 months ago)
ran cu sub my channel bro i sub yours too
Hahha i maded a video about icardi too,not so good as yours but ok
AG20 Productions HD (3 months ago)
Rise to the top-football videos I subed your channel,sub me too.
Kelvin Football ok done,sub me too
JK Films (8 months ago)
Rise to the top-football videos sub my channel bro i sub yours too
Victor baguncinha (8 months ago)
Wow 😮
JK Films (8 months ago)
VH_ 11 sub my channel bro i sub yours too
DeBruynesque™ (8 months ago)
Incredible talent!! But does he know de wey?
JK Films (8 months ago)
InfamousSidd sub my channel bro i sub yours too
1Mattav JW (8 months ago)
JK Films (8 months ago)
1Mattav JW sub my channel bro i sub yours too

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