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Phil Ivey beats the casino for $30 Million Dollars

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Casino program thats helping people earn $5000 a week look here -- https://goo.gl/2LRf8h Phil Ivey sits down with Showtime to discuss his life, winnings and lawsuits. Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr.[1] (born February 1, 1977) commonly known as Phil Ivey, is an American professional poker player who has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets, one World Poker Tour title and appeared at nine World Poker Tour final tables. Ivey has been regarded by numerous poker observers and contemporaries as the best all-around player in the world. Phil ivey lawsuit, phil ivey baccarat, phil ivey online poker, phil ivey net worth, phil ivey, ivey, phillip ivey jr, phillip ivey, phil ivy, phillip ivey, phil ivey house, phil ivey poker book,phil ivey girlfriend,ivey usa
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Text Comments (461)
Milquetoast Eugenicist (11 days ago)
9:02 Deluxe Sniper's Suite.
BILL SARGENT (19 days ago)
WTG Phil...u r the man
Max G (23 days ago)
Why are there so many dislikes?
Aaeon Karma (1 month ago)
Haha , casinos l o s e
Bobby Digital (1 month ago)
Wish I could scam like that.
Michael Hourigan (1 month ago)
“I wanted an Asian dealer ,because I felt more comfortable “ Hahahahah omfg
Quetzalcoatl (1 month ago)
This is the type of guy you actually want as a president or negotiator. It's all about bluffs and counter bluffs just like poker. This is borderline psychic.
Vinchenzo C (1 month ago)
Sounds like they had a contract and the casino broke that agreement.
Lucas Maia (1 month ago)
Did he won this case ?
Stevens Garage (1 month ago)
Ivey just reminds me that hes a arrogant ass. Props to him for beating the casinos and i hope gets the money he deserves. But he just seems like a self absorbed dick. Just a guess. Idk him personally
Mr. K Dilkington (2 months ago)
Can’t stop laughing at the “weekly winners” ad, lol
Mr. K Dilkington (2 months ago)
Anybody who plays poker should be able to tell every single one of them are lying 😂😂
Green Envy (2 months ago)
20 hours of play at $5000 a hand for a room and a fight? Worst. Deal. Ever.
Danjimaru (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure the skin around his forehead and eyes is stretched and botoxed so much that keeping his bulging eye look comes natural to him. Gotta make use of those advantages, right?
jacks smirking revenge (2 months ago)
good lord, do they have to crowbar race into every fucking conversation.. did race come into it at all? he was a multimillionaire megastar in his 20's, you dolt, hardly a lifelong struggle against the odds is it? credit to ivey for his answer, i guess funnily enough, lil wayne got asked a similarly stupid question and replied something to the effect of; 'im a multi millionaire superstar, what do you think?' and despite not particularly liking the guy, i had to give him credit for that one. change the fucking record already
Trius (2 months ago)
Ivey was shaken down by the judges. He used what was available to get an advantage similar to a poker player playing mind games on opponents to gain an advantage. The casino must have had something on the UK judges . In UK law we have caveat emptor - buyer beware law, the fucking judges totally overlooked that. Plus we would have never of heard from these casinos of Phil having laid down $4M had he lost.
tubeslats (2 months ago)
Wow. Casinos have a great racket. They can only win!
chess747 (2 months ago)
Blacks always like to bring up the race card in any conversation, it gets old, I find these people who bring up race, are the most racist.
james morton (2 months ago)
pay the man.
LIFE FO RUSSIA (2 months ago)
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Bookem Danno (2 months ago)
BTW, both courts found him in breach of the rules, and while the Borgata one is still on appeal, he owes them all of the money he won plus court costs and the British casino owes him ZERO of his winnings. At least there is solidarity in knowing that the cogs in both of our justice systems are able to be greased by big corporations. What BS.
Ram Stones (1 month ago)
For real. Nothing like big corporations having their stupid decisions remedied by the government.
Martin Black (2 months ago)
The casinos were stupid to accept his choice of cards and shuffle machine. I don't know if they should get their money back from it. They should have instead banned him from their casino and try to get other casinos to do the same. It would be even worse for Ivey if he couldn't play anywhere on the strip, like Chris Ferguson.
Steven Grace (2 months ago)
YIKES, keep betting craps and you have to go broke....wake up young men
Sergio Catalan (2 months ago)
Now casinos will sue you back then you would not leave alive
UnleashTheGreen (2 months ago)
60 minutes sucks. it's all filler.
Tyler Withers (2 months ago)
He has some bugged out fucking lifeless eyes.
TraRob-EastSide (2 months ago)
LOL@ black guy cheats casino out of millions with hundreds of cameras, mathematical studies, attorneys etc 😂
Damian Anthony (2 months ago)
I'm not overly familiar with Poker so I'd never heard of Edge Sorting. But clearly it's well known in the industry and to suggest that a Casino wouldn't be aware of it is ridiculous. So why would a Casino deliberately leave such a blatant flaw in one of their games if not to use it as an excuse to refuse payment?
DragonFly (2 months ago)
roanna joseph (2 months ago)
Did he win
informant09 (2 months ago)
Of course fcking racebaiting has to be in there.
Sue Nicolle (3 months ago)
Give him his money back and ban him. What’s so hard about that?
iceman11849 (3 months ago)
Regular Guy (3 months ago)
I love when Casinos lose and get taken for everything they have........
Matt Smith (3 months ago)
apparently this lawsuit is still going on. The Casino would of been better off paying him after all this since lawyers aren't cheap.
Hondas R D Best (3 months ago)
black man outsmartas white folks and gets rich. Dude get yr passport and BOUNCE!
Grim Fox (3 months ago)
Why the wide opened eyes all the time?
Jesse TT (3 months ago)
Why these casinos have such decks in their place lol
God's Boy (3 months ago)
Nothing against Danial Negreanu but I personally think Phil Ivey is the best of the best and he deserves to win nothing less than 12.1 M from the casinos. thanks for reading my comment have a marvelous day ya hear me
Alexander Buzzo (3 months ago)
this punk is like 50% white. Only reason he is good at poker, and why africans are so thirsty to mate with whites
Moe Moe (3 months ago)
lol go get your own life and stop worrying about the next man, your life must suck big time
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
He is such a lying cheater. What a pussy!
John Manor (3 months ago)
Edge sorting???...that's the casinos problem, use cards without a design on the back or solid border.  Just dumb.  If a guy is astute enough to pick up on a thing like that kudos to him just do not see how that is cheating?
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
I don't trust folks who don't blink very much...shady fucks for the most part.
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
I've been in Vegas for three minutes and already made $5000000000000 in just two days. Bahhhhaaaa
TheGodEmperorofMankind (3 months ago)
Casinos make me sick, they cheat all the time, the house always win, they always have and edge and now they want to cry because they lost, fucking deal with it. They don't want you to edge sort, then pay more money for your cards. I'm glad he took them for what they were worth.
charlesschirripa (3 months ago)
casinos are scam artists. if you win, you are cheating, if you loose. you just have bad luck.
kreftegleichgewicht (3 months ago)
Iveys a fraud. he wouldnt play if he could not cheat. thats all
TraRob-EastSide (2 months ago)
kreftegleichgewicht You're a idiot, of course not, who would go into a casino KNOWING they would lose every penny 😅. Its not cheating if hes allowed to do it
BattleCrap (3 months ago)
Starts at 3:00
marcus bremner (3 months ago)
i use to work for a casino and the first thing we did before starting any card game was make sure the cards are 100% ok to play with, so the casinos that he played at should take the lose and move on,
Trillionaire (3 months ago)
“In poker they only see green” so true..
red drib (3 months ago)
Nah, he fucked up. Shouldn't have done any of that
joel schofs (3 months ago)
oliverthecat666 (3 months ago)
my name is ant and i live in atlantic city. i too have my problems with borgata. they have told me on several occasions that i am not welcome although after speaking to my attorney they have decided.not to outright ban me. they are notoriuos for being unfriendly to anyone with a brain and cater to old ladies who want to blow their social security checks. especially now that mgm has taken over. true.players should boycott borgata.
Stevie J (3 months ago)
U can't get mad at him bc yall got shitty cards. They agreed to all terms tho,lol
Nhan Ha (3 months ago)
This is BS , casino want dumb player to give them Money . But when the lose the player is cheating .
Og Sluts1000 (3 months ago)
Fuck ads so here's when the video starts 3:01
Obey The Law (3 months ago)
12:30 RACIST!!!!
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
Obey The Law Who you calling a spade a spade?
Obey The Law (3 months ago)
Dudes eyes are WAY too open all the time.
Byron Gould (3 months ago)
Fuck the casinos.
SA man (3 months ago)
shame he cheats in card marking will never walk i casino again as banned from all of them in every country. CHEAT
Chris Roy (3 months ago)
Being smart is advantageous. Dont be smart or you wont be able to go to casinos guys.
Mike Hundredson (3 months ago)
Edge sorting really didn't give him any better chances. His bets were already set by the casino so he had to play a high minimum bet. It's not like he would know if it was going to be a natural 9 at any given point where he could play the table max. In baccarat the casino has a screen that tracks the trends in the shoe. If you notice a player run you bet player, if you notice a banker run you bet banker. Or if the pattern is player never goes more than two in a row and when banker makes a run it always goes down 4 then you know that after the second player bet big on banker and if banker goes 2 in a row it's a good bet to keep with it since the pattern is it goes 4 in a row. You can easily win just by looking at the trends on the screen the casino itself provides. Also Phil could have of easily lost millions edge sorting, if the edge indicated a natural 8 on player and he bets on player the banker can still turn over a natural 9.
Elwood Jones (3 months ago)
Kind of "fishy" dont you think making millions in a couple of days with an Asian dealer & an Asian friend close by..but your right & I,m wrong..HELLO!!!
Keith Cabbagestalk (3 months ago)
It’s hypocritical of the casinos to sue him for cheating when the were complicit in his “advantage “ strategy and agreed to all his requests up front there for they enabled strategy and are essentially suing cause they assumed they’d be able to counter his strategy and take his money. The underestimated him and are suing due to their financial embarrassment. Imbeciles..
Bruce White (3 months ago)
but are they using all of these cards in the poker rooms?
Sherman Taylor (3 months ago)
Let's get it right, people. There should be no apostrophe in casinos. It's plural, not possessive.
Erikke Hansen (3 months ago)
Ivey simply outsmarted them and fed them humble pie. The casino's want revenge.
David Henry (3 months ago)
Ivey is a true legend in the sport of gambling period. Genius. In gambling.
Mitch (3 months ago)
Man to hear this is nauseating Casinos are a bunch of 2 faced evil bastards! Not only should they pay Ivey what he won, but they should be sued for fraud for MORE money for with-holding his money. They literally STOLE HIS money!
gordoboy18 (3 months ago)
It's the same as the casinos feeding gamblers alcohol to gain an advantage.
gordoboy18 (3 months ago)
Harper Valley I think you’re right up to a certain point. Gambling and drinking taps into the addiction part of the brain.. most of these people want to quit but can’t because of addiction. Casinos feed into that weakness.casinos will do anything to get the advantage.. same as the gambler.
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
gordoboy18 You have a choice to drink or not. If people don't use common sense when gambling with the understanding they will likely loose more than they win, I can't feel sorry for them. Just stupid!
Henry R (3 months ago)
This is utter bullshit. He made the requested, they accepted them. It's really that simple. If he were to ask the house to give him his money back on every hand that he loses, and they agree, that's their fault for agreeing.
Stanislas Houston (3 months ago)
Firstly is ridiculous casinos use a card with design patterns behind. Secondly in baccarat house has an edge, makes no sense to bet if u are skilled in poker. He only have to play poker with fishes is enough to make a fortune. Thirdly, the player should not have access to the cards or close enough to the cards to see the designs behind. The casino must have treat him like a big VIP allowing him so many requests, typical casino once meeting a high roller.
Legit Business (4 months ago)
I love Phil
Zim Zimma (4 months ago)
Lost both cases as well. What the courts both in England and the US are saying is that the casino's can essentially make it up as they go along. They agreed to his conditions which gave him a minimal edge and he took advantage. Think of it like an investment, the casinos agreed to his conditions, why he chose them should be completely irrelevant,they invested in their belief that they would still win overall. They didn't and now the courts have said well don't worry about it you can have your money back anyway. It's an absolute disgrace.
Green Leaf Gaming (4 months ago)
5:17 LOL, the picture as a kid......Kid N Play
Martin Sage (4 months ago)
So it's fine for The Casino to have an advantage but Not the Player! That's Not Fair!
Harper Valley (3 months ago)
Martin Sage But prove that the casino was using this to its advantage. Seems not so much!
jessesam (4 months ago)
i know a lot of you fruitcakes got excited about edge swording
James Waters (4 months ago)
His eyes lmfao
arnibah vanst (4 months ago)
If the judge is in Trump's pocket,Ivey will lose but I hope he doesn't.
arnibah vanst (4 months ago)
Phil shouldn't have never admitted to edge sorting.
jfloyo11 (4 months ago)
Like the saying goes that created..if a student is cheating its still not ok just because the teacher knows and is ok with it
redbeams75 (4 months ago)
he make u want to fold.. damn him
Jsh Shh (4 months ago)
"You did not divulge that the cards had a defect" Like 5 minutes earlier, the Casino expert explained to us how it's a known thing and why it happens. So obviously the Casinos know. They also granted whatever he asked. It sounds obvious it was to gain an advantage, and you should have said no. You didn't, for whatever reason, and he played and won. Stop crying
E hhh (4 months ago)
The moment he requested an Asian dealer, the casinos should've already sensed that there's something fishy with this guy and, even bringing with him a Chinese girl to communicate with the dealer?? Stupid casinos lol If I should own a casino, I'll never ever hire a Chinese or any Asians as dealers. They don't and will never work for you. Go figure
Uncle Deez (4 months ago)
I'VE MADE OVER $113,000 IN 3 MONTHS. SEND $150 TO MY PAYPAL ACT. AND I'LL TEACH YOU HOW!! /sarcasm. Get your stupid ass scheme antics the FUCK outta here. Nobody wants to hear or see your fake shit
Ciafer Zero (4 months ago)
Lol nice ponzi scheme ahaha
jamie Russell (4 months ago)
Visit NOW, and feel the burn of being scammed. Feel the Bern.
Alexander Knapik-Levert (4 months ago)
fishy fishy let the cards decide man you dont need to advantage play to that degree!!!!
Steven D. Bennett (4 months ago)
Intelligence and perception is indeed an advantage for the player. Ignorance and gullibility of the player is an advantage to the house.
Shaun Tanger (4 months ago)
Has race been a factor? No. Great answer. He stands on his skill and is one of, if not, the best in the world.
Randy Miller (4 months ago)
"Has race been a factor?" Good job... interview ruined.
Tony Podolsky (4 months ago)
YA gotta love IVEY
triplep999 (4 months ago)
This man does not blink
Frankie Fontecchio (4 months ago)
Ivey got screwed in both courts
Perfect Strangers (4 months ago)
Phil, power on! but shorten your nickname to "All Day"
Levon Collins (4 months ago)
Those were probably the only 2 casinos that accepted such a request. They knew what he was doing but was hoping to beat him at it anyways. They didn't and now is upset and want to play him out of his winnings. This is what desperation look like. Some people want money so bad they would do anything for it, just like those prayer rags they sold on TV late at night promising god would bless you with 10x the amount you purchased it with. That wasn't illegal when someone accept the terms that was clearly laid out in front of them.
# Guiltless (4 months ago)
Casinos are pieces of rat shit.They'll bilk the unknowns out of their mortgage payment but get mad if you come out ahead.Scumbags!
Sails (4 months ago)
There is a reason gambling was illegal for so long....... the vast majority loose .... and it still should be illegal.
gratler (4 months ago)
wow the casinos should just swallow it. They want you to gamble for tens of thousands of dollards in a hand but they cant get their 10$ deck of cards to be free of defects? bottom line: leave ivey alone, he taught you a lesson. and from now on check the fucking cards for defects. How in the world can they not be more carefull with this stuff. this is pathetic.
Ram Jam (4 months ago)
he definitely worked for it.
Andrew Goon (4 months ago)
Dude why is your resolution so shit
Geoff M (4 months ago)
Yeah the casino always have the advantage over most gamblers. The casino agreed to his terms and he exploit it. It's no secret that once casinos spot extremely good gamblers dipping into their profit margin they bring out their dirty dealers to combat the smarter gamblers. He didn't get arrested or kicked out the casino so the money is his fair and square!!!

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