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Top 20 Plays In 2016 By Pro Players ★ CS:GO

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Text Comments (230)
Pecex (1 year ago)
*Whats the next Top 20 you want to see? Comment now below ↓*
pranav singh chouhan (9 months ago)
which version is this, can anyone tell me
Shaikh Akhtar (11 months ago)
kennys is better than simple
OvG Kantox (1 year ago)
Pecex - CS:GO Videos Son of a Bitch
Potatoekun998 (1 year ago)
gays fuckin
NarniaFan27 (1 month ago)
Shitty video, there were so many way better plays....
giorgi demchenko (2 months ago)
Tadeáš Poľanovský (3 months ago)
13-Autonoob play
Ooops YOU (3 months ago)
9 ads...9 fucking ads
Ümit Tanır (4 months ago)
Good hack stupid fake pro
Hassan Sohail (6 months ago)
https://gift.steamchristmas.com/?id=JekNUXDd- thank me later
Mladen Mladenov (6 months ago)
https://youtu.be/p1Yt7Ol9DZk my AWP ACE in inferno faceit
Naujalis Laurynas (6 months ago)
Lol Them Cheaters
Black Reaper (6 months ago)
Simple fanboy
Black Reaper (6 months ago)
Baba ovo do simple
HyuGà (6 months ago)
ben benim (6 months ago)
they really fucked up counter strike after counter strike source.
Jarrod Hoult (7 months ago)
Sick, the 17th best play was a single kill..........
Luscalov Vlad (7 months ago)
fixer VVV (7 months ago)
YES! (7 months ago)
lol niko the best? nice one bro xd
Steven van Eeden (7 months ago)
Top 20 sucks ...There are soo many other clips that you could have taken
xantaresde olmalıydı
TheBaregel (7 months ago)
5:57 walking while zoom in on cs 1.6 considered as noob. definitely different standart compare to the old days lol
ARIEL HISYAM 22 (7 months ago)
Why moving decrease accurate? In this video,while moving,the crosshair stay small....when i play csgo...moving make big crosshair
Neymer Jr (8 months ago)
alepouG (8 months ago)
most of these clips are blatant cheats what a joke of a scene! "OMG how does he do this?!?!".
Ashish Nath (9 months ago)
Where is kennys??
Manish Gupta (9 months ago)
only thing Andres can say to hype a good play is "are u kiddin me ?" what a terrible caster
DS15 (9 months ago)
pranav singh chouhan (9 months ago)
which version is this and where can i get it from for free
Roman Kopylov (9 months ago)
И естественно Симпл 1
Pula Red (10 months ago)
Who is the best player in counter strike?
Pula Red (8 months ago)
Kauan Lucas Thank you... is he still playing counter strike???
Kauan Lucas (9 months ago)
Elliot Black (10 months ago)
using a dakdak = not a pro player
Doris Moser (10 months ago)
03:50 autosniper noob
Michael Maciej (10 months ago)
a pistol 1v4 retake at 19?
SWAG SWAG (10 months ago)
Shox uses aimlock
Vinay Waghela (11 months ago)
No kennys
AA AKira (11 months ago)
shox vs scream ????
Ziddan (1 year ago)
why forest is #4? That was so simple
EPIC CSGO (1 year ago)
Velforce (1 year ago)
The simple's angels shots were noscopes if you didn't noticed :v
iEmojiGFX - NextBlend (1 year ago)
1:38 They screamed like Anomaly xD
Twikie SPB (1 year ago)
Where pyth? (1v5)
Leonardo Tognato (1 year ago)
1:30 deenmark sk?
Baked Beanie Sigel (1 year ago)
So on CS GO you can see you enemies through the walls?
k3k k3k0v (1 year ago)
Vasos (1 year ago)
1. Coldzera at Mirage 2. Snax 1vs4 Finals on DH 3. Neo ace in 1vs5 ace to finals 4. S1mple fly noscopes shots form AWP 5. Shox 1vs4 Inferno 6. Shox 1vs4 DD2 7. Elige amazing ace in opponent force buy 8. Guardian vs Fnatic 9. Guardian Ace - Ovperpass 10. 4k from Rabarbar with Fnatic 11. Hiko clutch vs LG 12. Get Right inhuman reaction vs SK 13 Niko deagle master 14. Forest double shot from AWP 15. Kjaerbye deagle master hs's vs Navi 16. Dennis ace with G2 17. Fallen clutch with low hp 18. JW 4k in cache 19. Shox 4k in overpass 20. Autonoob, sry sniper :DDD Get Right ace That list is in my opinion
SRMkay (1 year ago)
4:44 Keer-by? I haven't followed CS in a few years, but last I was playing people pronounced it Keer-boo
Ric Flair (1 year ago)
pretty good video thanks
Alex Cobilita (1 year ago)
All this silvers saying cheats lmfao
Posaunenchrischdl (1 year ago)
12 Ads, wow... Asshole
Avron (1 year ago)
Overpass sucks dick
Sebastian Jaramillo (1 year ago)
holy fuck this top sucks, snax 19? simple 1? coldzera play is 5x better than simple play, fallen vs navi was sick as hell too, holy fk disliked
TwistyFresh (1 year ago)
terrible order
sorenslothe (1 year ago)
Full of ads, and you missed the reaction when James and DDK found out both of Simples kills were noscopes...
Claudia Matei (1 year ago)
fuking pro is virus Vac ban
Lachezar Kopanov (1 year ago)
make top 20 aimlock "pro's"
Marcio de la Getto (1 year ago)
the funniest thing is that they make a tournament for this shit game haha even cs 1.6 is better and that is 20 years older then this cs go :D
45llamas (1 year ago)
thats computer accuracy xd aim assitence
Pedro (1 year ago)
nice cheats
Alex Cobilita (1 year ago)
Pedro lmao silver stfu
Ryan Carney (1 year ago)
how is coldzera not #1
dreamer (1 year ago)
felps deagle ace where? coldzera in 11? lol, wtf is that video
Mateus Canal (1 year ago)
Definitely a LG/SK hater. :D
Cioby (1 year ago)
Lol autonoob #13
Cioby (1 year ago)
and #8 was shit
so shall (1 year ago)
for god sake! Why top 1 moment from wrong camera? its so weird. if u watched the game, there is replay of this moment bro
Berkan Ucak (1 year ago)
drakemoon.com - affiliate code ; gesaf (for 3$ bonus)
LordOfRage (1 year ago)
I stopped playing this game like 15 years ago. Can someone explain to me why they get to see everybody thru walls?
LordOfRage (1 year ago)
Ahhh OK. Thanks
Pecex (1 year ago)
This is spectate mode, in which you can spectate the game.
Waraney Kevin (1 year ago)
stupid list
Kana Chuj (1 year ago)
snax 19-? dislike unsub
Alstroemeria (1 year ago)
worst list ever
jerman [W] (1 year ago)
coldzera on 12 ? are u kidding me ?
Ino (1 year ago)
dude in no particular order
jerman [W] (1 year ago)
s1mple too
Ayawaki (1 year ago)
Cold play is only lucky ...
phatrikk123 (1 year ago)
I won't be surprised the day Shox is outed for being a cheater...
szafer (1 year ago)
Wtf >!??!? Snax 19th ???
NicoJ Official (1 year ago)
s1mple max 5
Adnaan Hamzagic (1 year ago)
Shox aimbot
Patryk Konicki (1 year ago)
Number 4 was more luck than skill and damn worst play on this list
Kevin Castellanos (1 year ago)
how tf was the Snax 1v4 19th. and Get Right's one tap shouldnt even be in the top 50
BioHazard (1 year ago)
For people complaining about ads... get fucking AdBlock, fucking hell.
Prychuu (1 year ago)
3 - Shox 1v4 in dd2 2 - sNax 1v4 in cobblestone 1 - Neo 1v5 in overpass
shadow_ (1 year ago)
Pls put more ads next time. Yt should block ppl like you from getting money from these garbage videos. Reporting it for missleading title it says Top 20 and you're so lazy and didn't even put them in a order just stole clips. Hope you die on cancer
Ghostwolf9999 (1 year ago)
Tried to be nice for once by disabling adblocker, but 12 ads on a 15 minute video........ Fuck no to that
Bob Bib (1 year ago)
I feel like you don't have enough ads bro.. go add some more for that ad revenue.....
Matias Robinson (1 year ago)
No guys from Astralis such bad judgement of good players...
mr fat (1 year ago)
fnatic got cheats
platoon mexx (1 year ago)
first fail, add-horny second fail, evaluation of plays, that nmbr 1? PLS gotta be simplefanf4ggot
Ec1ipse (1 year ago)
There was no particular order...
Doughnut Digger (1 year ago)
Snax's pistol round is one of my favourites. The commentators and the players reactions make it even more chilling 😂
Gabriel Turner (1 year ago)
Add more midroll ads plz
Tomek Marczak (1 year ago)
NEO on 9th? No way dude...
gandico (1 year ago)
Shox is a hack there. What a piece of trash
Pablo Luarca (1 year ago)
Name song pls? 14:39
victor vargas (1 year ago)
Best site to redeem csgo skins!! https://csgofast.com/#r/619pu4
danieldbdb (1 year ago)
Disagree with the selection. Most of the plays ranked from 11-20 are technically better than the ones ranked 1-10.
QiNenerKy E (1 year ago)
nice Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!
XTheShadowsX (1 year ago)
where is kennyS?
Berkay bayrak (1 year ago)
WTF olof,kenny,nbk.......
marcelle smith (1 year ago)
get rid of the 1000000000 adds in one fucking 10 min video
The Frozen Neroj (1 year ago)
Pecex, you're an NIP fan isn't it? Kinda a bit obvious tbh, I don't understand how forest double got so high neither how get rights shot got even in, while scream pulls those out daily. And the scar 20 ace wasn't as impressive as Niko's deagle ace vs G2 cache A site for example. But for the rest nice video, I do disagree heavily with the ranking but nonetheless nice vid
Pavan Nr (1 year ago)
Can you make a top 20 knife/zeus kills of 2016?
Smosh Mouth Xd 2.507 (1 year ago)
If you're one of the people who constantly changes your sensitivity 0:48 is exactly why not to. You can hit shots like that.
XpressGaming (1 year ago)
I'm guessing this is in a random order.
xCazzTazz (1 year ago)
Happys deagle ace I think is still the best play ever!
Patricio Flores (1 year ago)
where is pyth 1v5?
Vincent Detremmerie (1 year ago)
Pyth eco ace against G2?? Nr. 1(s1mple) isn't skill just pure luck, same for coldzera. I think Guardian should be up there with maybe pyth's ace in second.

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