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Isco Alarcon 2018 ● Magic Skills Show

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fb : https://www.facebook.com/sarawin.mungmee Twitter : https://twitter.com/SEN31YT Enjoy !! How to make a video like me : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncaRiDp_c74 song: 「Nightcore」→ All Time Low (Remix) Zara Larsson - Ain't My Fault (TULE Remix) Calvin Harris - Summer (Mike Stud Remix) Sia - The Greatest
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Text Comments (307)
SEN31 (3 months ago)
This video is Re-upload Next Video the one and only Asensiooooooooo !!!
Thembeka Sello (2 days ago)
Do Isco vs Coutinho pls
Wow I love Marco .......
Lawrence Grant (1 month ago)
SEN31 Do Paulinho Please
Andrey Babinov (1 month ago)
SEN31 what is that song in the intro
Andrey Babinov (1 month ago)
SEN31 what is that intro song
LOSAS jr (6 hours ago)
26/05/2018 mereces ser titular en la final de champions.
momo (14 hours ago)
For those who dont find all time low its boxinlion remix.Thank me later :D
5:21 song please
Bonface Manyara (2 days ago)
good job Isco u r my favourite
Jorge Sanz (2 days ago)
8:54 RIP defender
subrat das (3 days ago)
which song is it at the beginning??? anybody!!!!
Lyes Gouasmia (3 days ago)
name of the 1st song
Lilith Musheghian (5 days ago)
The Best😍😍
Yadu Krishna (5 days ago)
First intro remix!??
Zamgoulen Haokip (7 days ago)
Most underrated
Yoshi_Crafter !! (7 days ago)
7:58 Momento en que Benzema le da al palo :V
Corrales Racing (7 days ago)
El mejor del mundo isco
Darlington Chimezie (8 days ago)
Isco is a good player
JuanesLT (11 days ago)
Isco es bueno.
SUZUKI MEARI (12 days ago)
nelson RoMeRo (12 days ago)
Isco is the best
First song name?
Me puedes decir la canción
christian kremer (15 days ago)
barcelona fan but i really love his style of play
KlNGNATSU (16 days ago)
Isco is actually a fking beast
adrian pastora (17 days ago)
*SUSCRIBANSE A MI CANAL PORFA ME AYUDARIAS MUCHOO* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFuqHF9GaP0
Raju Dhakal (20 days ago)
Barcelona is the best
Raju Dhakal (20 days ago)
Gada real matrid
Cometin Villanueva (21 days ago)
YJ 21 (21 days ago)
song 10:30 song name?
YJ 21 (6 days ago)
ronaldo 7983 thank u
ronaldo 7983 (6 days ago)
YJ 21 sia the greatest
alejandro quiroga (25 days ago)
Isco os The Best ❤️❤️❤️
Paolo Fogliame (25 days ago)
James Rodriguez>>>>
Terry (26 days ago)
1:54 troppo bello l'elastico
Name song intro?
Arif Rahmatulloh (27 days ago)
Selfish player
Hamaam C/laahi Axmed (27 days ago)
who is better isco and rakitic
2phoneshawty (27 days ago)
Best channel about football, respect!!
miguel baganha (27 days ago)
Impressive technique, an amazing player to watch. Real Madrid has a midfield filled with class
Khalid McZulu (28 days ago)
1:26 ooouchh!
Luis Mi (1 month ago)
isco e melhor
Ayoub Belhaoudjeb (1 month ago)
plz what the name of the first song in the video ????
tuan ngo (1 month ago)
link music firt. thanks
Travis Lewis (1 month ago)
very hard working midfielder good job isco !
isco alarcon (1 month ago)
the song from the beginning please
Yung (1 month ago)
Im barca fan but i admire isco a lot.He is pure gem and a magician.
Hamza Haider (1 month ago)
if isco joins barcelona .
Cr7 in Real with stars football, but he is the best ... Is real !
Daniel Rogneson (1 month ago)
Love this lad!!!
APZ FOOTBALL (1 month ago)
Lucas Araújo (1 month ago)
Qual o nome da música da intro?
SokythX (1 month ago)
Sigue subiendo vídeos de las jugadas de isco broo
ZiFok (1 month ago)
6:37 dud who's that goalkeeper ?
Maxwell Mahlangu (1 month ago)
Isco is on fire 🔥 in red and blue , watch out Russia
Maxwell Mahlangu (1 month ago)
Modric > Xavi Isco > Iniesta Ronaldo > Messi #RealMadrid 🐐
Formless x (10 days ago)
Sayan Das Messi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GAYnaldo As a barca fan I also must admt that GAYnaldo is better than Andre Gomes
Sayan Das (10 days ago)
Maxwell Mahlangu bro I'm a Real Madrid fan and Modric is not better than Xavi, ISCO has not *yet* won anything on an individual basis or on a man of the match performance basis to be deemed better than Iniesta. And also Ronaldo>Messi is not true. U meant Ronaldo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Messi
Kanye West (10 days ago)
Formless x (14 days ago)
Maxwell Mahlangu Nope there all shit
Maxwell Mahlangu (14 days ago)
Formless x Magisco , Modriches , goatnaldo
Eric Reche (1 month ago)
El mejor de todos sin duda
Jair Salgado (1 month ago)
Name music 3:15?
jeff lavine (1 month ago)
thiago or isco?
TiM Football Magic (1 month ago)
Isco is fantastic player! This game is another proof for that! We think he deserve more credit in Real Madrid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9iqnI00g8g&t=28s
UnderGames5 (1 month ago)
One of the best in the real madrid is Isco
Santiago Camillucci (1 month ago)
Isco is de best
I would prefer video without any song. Just the atmosphere of the stadium.
zaheer Molsom (1 month ago)
my favourite player isco 😘love u isco
the one who comment (1 month ago)
The Best Weapon for Spain NT rn, just Magisco🔥
Ayaanlish Baby (16 days ago)
Carlotv (1 month ago)
Make a Robben 2018 video
Ultimate Gohan (1 month ago)
come to city please..
Mats Beckham (1 month ago)
What is that intro's song?
Mandihia Awie (1 month ago)
Isco the beast that destroy messi
Laercio Santts (1 month ago)
Qual o nome da musica do comeco do video??
Shab. B (1 month ago)
As much as I wanna see him at Chelsea next season, I think he's not gonna leave Spain anytime soon
Kindu Talema (1 month ago)
He is better than cr ronaldo
Artificial Electronics (1 month ago)
Kindu Talema they play different positions its like comparing apples to orange
Kindu Talema stop it
Vi Vian (1 month ago)
Welcome to PSG
mahit james (1 month ago)
Best Madrid played right now i wonder why he is not in first team
joao mota (1 month ago)
qual é a musica da intro
Ivan Karev (1 month ago)
his head does 90% work for him, lots of amateur players doesn't understand why they lose the ball trying to repeat all those tricks and dribbles ;) Isco party disco, well done m8
No me justo la musica pon electronica
Jovany Cabrera (1 month ago)
@SEN31 Amigo por que tomaste en cuenta a Dybala es un grandisimo jugador pero no aparece mas que todo en partidos de equipos de poca competicion de la Serie A , solo aperecio en esta temporada en un partido importante contre el Tottenham En la Uefa champions League el cual quedo 2-2. Por lo que tome en cuenta de tu video que estuvo muy bueno que cada jugador tiene mas 25 goles esta temporada: Messi 37, Njr 28, Salah 37, Cr7 37, Lewandowski 36, Luis Suarez 25, Harry Kane 36, Kun Aguero 30, Griezmann 26, Dybala 22. Griezmann Tampoco estaria yo pondria a Ciro Immobile el cual lleva 36 goles esta temporada y pondria a Edison Cavani el cual lleva 36 goles dianas al psg, es mi opinion amigo.
Manu Jr (1 month ago)
Spanish this year can win the world cup. Has amazing players lime Asensio, Isco, Thiago, Koke, Saúl, Silva, Ramos, Piqué, Jordi Alba, Carvajal, de Gea... Incredible.
Jorge Sanz (2 days ago)
Manu Jr 😁😂🤣😅😆
Manu Jr (2 days ago)
Jorge Sanz ea pos eso lo que dicho
Jorge Sanz (2 days ago)
Manu Jr hahahahah mas huevos se dice
Ivan Solano (6 days ago)
And iniesta
Manu Jr (10 days ago)
Yeah, but spanish have more eggs than other nation
Issa Alacon (1 month ago)
he is super
maninho branco (1 month ago)
isco genio te felicito por jogar en real madrid lo mejor equipo del mundo dali dali madrid vamos los blancos
sebastian araujo (1 month ago)
Canción del minuto 4:15
sebastian araujo (1 month ago)
Canción del minuto 1:10
CrazyJack FTW (1 month ago)
Real Madrid is starting to have a load of good midfielders
Thiruvinthan Thevar (1 month ago)
Hye bro the fisrt starting song the aganus aganus from new rules what wan to type on youtube
Jose Juma (1 month ago)
Welcome to mancity isco
alex (1 month ago)
Jose Juma no tienen dinero para pagarlo jaja ...700 millones € de clausula
Evan Michel (1 month ago)
Please come to City
miguel santiago (1 month ago)
isco vs carlos vela
abhinandanshrestha (1 month ago)
Welcome to Manchester City
alex (1 month ago)
abhinandanshrestha 700€ millones clausula
what is the name of the song
Gabriel Mamani Guzman (1 month ago)
Cancion del intro? Porfaaa
zeno sama exige la cancion
Lo mas magnifico que vieron mis ojos :'3
Tássio Lins Que acaso lo esta usted? No hay que presentar injurias contra un mago.
Tássio Lins (1 month ago)
Entonces usted es ciego, o bizco..
Citizen X (1 month ago)
welcome to man city! Looks like a shark to me
Emii Vera (21 days ago)
El MAN CITY se la re come, metete a AGUERO en el forro del ojete y a de bruyne no, porque me cae bien, pero al resto metetelos hasta que se te haga un torniquete en el ojete. AHRE QUE RIMÓ
Maxwell Mahlangu (1 month ago)
Garcia Pedro loool 😂😂 ouch
Maxwell Mahlangu (1 month ago)
alex lol he thinks real madrid is Southampton
alex (1 month ago)
Garcia Pedro haha manchester shity cant buy by 500
Garcia Pedro (1 month ago)
he's buy clause is 500 million...
DeadShot Gaming (1 month ago)
6:40 the goalkeeper is jesus wtf
Facundo Herrera (1 month ago)
Yan Souza (1 month ago)
Welcome to Man City
alex (1 month ago)
Yan Souza a no?quien viene de ganar champions mundialito ...el city no lleva ni una champions...luego compara jugador por jugador puesto por puesto a ver cual tiene mejor equipo....siempre dicen lo mismo d los equipos de guardiola luego viene un equipo español y lo echa
Yan Souza (1 month ago)
alex atualmente n
alex (1 month ago)
Yan Souza Real madrid is bigger than city ....
Yan Souza (1 month ago)
alex pedido do guardiola
alex (1 month ago)
Yan Souza haha dream is free
Davidcl Ceu (1 month ago)
0:51 messi?
Hosoya Sei (1 month ago)
Every Real's match became a majestic skill distribution with he and Asensio on the field :)
LD- Huncho (1 month ago)
Come to city
Delvani Silva (2 months ago)
Amazing vídeo and amazing player
Isco Magic (2 months ago)
name song 0:01 please 😔
Supersonic Ssj2 (2 months ago)
Y el madrid lo va a vender...
mlb videos 2016 (2 months ago)
Intro song?
Joseph Gamboa (2 months ago)
Imaginen la evolucion de un jugador como este si lo pusieran a jugar y no en el banquillo ya tuviera aun mas medeia cancha el Real Madrid y la seleccion española

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