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Top 15 Footballer Bodies 2017 | HD

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Subscribe here : https://goo.gl/HPYbQq More video : Antoine Griezmann Family, Cars, Biography, Girlfriend, Fashion.. https://youtu.be/4JmWp9Lrm8U Paulo Dybala Family, Biography, Income, Fashion, Hairstyle https://youtu.be/_RndWPtYje8 Top 15 Footballer Bodies 2017 | HD 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Micah Richards 3. Sergio Ramos 4. George Ekolobi 5. Mat Ryan. 6. Luis Nani 7. Robert Lewandowski 8 . Edi Cavani 9.Jame rodriguez 10. Hulk 11.Z.Ibrahimovic 12.A.Sanchez 13.M.Balotelli 14 Edinson Lavazi 15. Olivier Giroud ___
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Text Comments (341)
Keon Woo Kim (19 days ago)
How about romelo lukaku
Ajay Goswami (26 days ago)
Lewandowki man
Samiksha Modi (29 days ago)
Lewandowski ❤️
No One (1 month ago)
VISIONXRY music (1 month ago)
Edinson Lavezzi?what?
matias ampuero (1 month ago)
cavani is an atlas of anatomy
Joshie Jauregui (1 month ago)
Cristiano ronaldo fuck me hahaha
Joshie Jauregui (1 month ago)
Im wet i want to be fucked by them hahahaha
Intro name song?
Twang Twang (1 month ago)
Clarence Seedorf more than all.
Utsav usv (2 months ago)
Lewandowski wins p. s fuck barca and real
vishva pranav (3 months ago)
Micah richards wins
vishva pranav (3 months ago)
Ronaldo no 1 are unkidding me
Ranya Lek (3 months ago)
Ronaldo number1
Ranya Lek (3 months ago)
Ronaldo 👍👍❤
helenbtr (3 months ago)
Paulo Dybala is still the best 😤
anand singh (3 months ago)
they always have lean body...they dont put on so much muscles like body builders...really love this physique...
Tommy CZ (3 months ago)
Song in intro please
Opic Jabrik (3 months ago)
George elokobi bodol . Ekolobi...ekontol skalian.
Opic Jabrik (3 months ago)
Anjing...edinson lavezzi. Gak skalian ezequiel cavanni.
Neymar jr santos (4 months ago)
Endinson Cavani Ezequiel Lavezzi!
Malick Sene (4 months ago)
Matteo Voigt (4 months ago)
Jame? James!
crematory heikal (5 months ago)
Ha ha ha didn’t you ever seen seedorf body
SANTOSH RADGIRKAR (5 months ago)
Indian channel
Manav Keswani (5 months ago)
Manav Keswani (5 months ago)
Ronaldo always day best
Kiran Kiran (5 months ago)
I hate cavani
Rai Sandhu (6 months ago)
wheres lionel messi
game streams sneh (7 months ago)
and hulk
game streams sneh (7 months ago)
m baletolli cr7 and lewann
Ground is the best
sousou the panamera girl (7 months ago)
robert Lewandowski is the hell ..he is the best
Altan Phedap (7 months ago)
Sergio Ramos and Lewandowski superb
Khalid Wafa (7 months ago)
Where's akinfenwa
Saif Hasan (7 months ago)
Edinson lavezzi? Eziquiel Lavezi
cabdishakuur cumar (7 months ago)
Cr777 is best bodies
mamadou ba (8 months ago)
What about Neymar Jr?
N6 football (8 months ago)
No way have you seen agdebayo akinfenah
radoslav milanov (8 months ago)
intro music????
Nathan moreira (8 months ago)
Does hulk have a six pack? Edit:WHERE'S NEYMAR ?????
Shura Kuklin (8 months ago)
А где Депай?Он всех заткнёт в этом плане...
Samuel Chavarria (8 months ago)
😂😂😂9."Jame"? its "James" cause in Spanish his name is pronounced (Ha-mes)
Ghassan Naaman (8 months ago)
LAURENTIU madalin (8 months ago)
Ronaldo best
Ramon Ramon (8 months ago)
George Ekolobi should be clearly on 1st position.
Srecna Pomorandza (8 months ago)
George Ekolobi
Михаил Енев (8 months ago)
Where Clarence Seedorf?? he is beast
Link music please
Sam M (8 months ago)
Lewndowski ☆☆☆☆☆☆
Snakesters of tomorrow (8 months ago)
gaming with joe (9 months ago)
cristiano besst
Weverton vLoGs (9 months ago)
Cd o Hunk
Bikram Shyawa (9 months ago)
Αντωνης 7 (9 months ago)
AD27 (9 months ago)
Who the fuck is esinson lavazi😂😂😂
Ehsan Haque (9 months ago)
wher is messi
Ehsan Haque (9 months ago)
ibrahimovic is skinny hahah
Sabelo Subz Jali (9 months ago)
Why did you put a picture of Hit Richards as Micah Richards??? lol Also Nani was better proportioned and detailed than Ronaldo
Abu khalil (9 months ago)
Nani number 1
MaKaPoHu JR (9 months ago)
Where is the Akinfewa
Boru Rambe (9 months ago)
cristiano ronaldo
Boru Rambe (9 months ago)
cr 7
Boru Rambe (9 months ago)
cr 7
Boru Rambe (9 months ago)
cr 7
mohammad asyraf (9 months ago)
even they had a great bodies but they still don't powerful like the grand tour cycling riders like chris froome or peter sagan bro
Ali Muddin (9 months ago)
Lewandowski & c.ronaldo wow
Pascal Merten (9 months ago)
Skinny guys
Edoardo Bragazzi (9 months ago)
Nani is the best
Ansab Mundayil (9 months ago)
Samuel Alswell (9 months ago)
All of them are sexy lol....😍😍😍😍
I see people saying levwandoski lol ronaldo is more bodybuilder
Arian Tari (9 months ago)
Is the d**k part of it?😂
ᴍᴄᴍ (9 months ago)
Jame Rodrigues
Soydere Jázminka (9 months ago)
The King Ronaldo 1
ALFAREL 012 (9 months ago)
1 balotteli
colombo yoyis (9 months ago)
Faltó falcao y Ronaldo lo más bonito es la piel libre de tatuajes
Santhu jaya Salian (9 months ago)
Micah richards
Flukew HD (10 months ago)
roberto lewandosko
Tine Vlekken (10 months ago)
Ramos or Lewandowski
Francesco Toscano (10 months ago)
Non vedevo un nome tarocco come quello di lavazi dai tempi di Pes quando Ronaldo era Rolando e Rivaldo era ravoldi e così via ahahah
Bad Binder (10 months ago)
CR7 on 1?? SURE. so perfectly unproportional
BIsraeLBGames (10 months ago)
where is akinfenwa ???
Syaiful Choirul (10 months ago)
messi? lol
Bo2s (10 months ago)
The best is Ronaldo il Fenomeno:))))))
suprith rudra (10 months ago)
guys u missed hector bellerin
VARUN XPERT (10 months ago)
i think you have forgot sead kolasinac
Pulse_Tosa 7 (10 months ago)
How abot bale
Alex Hunter (10 months ago)
Nani 100%
Atom chemiker (10 months ago)
Rode Rodrigue? James Rodríguez
FFK FOOTBALL (10 months ago)
Song please ?
Powix (10 months ago)
Ganesh Kini (10 months ago)
Ronaldo's body💪💪💪👍👍
Md Golam Faruque (10 months ago)
Ronaldo and lewandowski is the best ❤❤
Adugna Tadesse (10 months ago)
CR perfect no1

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