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Growtopia | Legendary Player Playing Casino in 2017 :O

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He or she maybe Gay playing casino at 22 may 2017 :O likes and subs here :) Follow my insta : @OBUBOT
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Text Comments (535)
OBUNAGA GT (1 year ago)
i m not say him/her scamer :) (+_+)
Mama R3 (6 months ago)
OBUNAGA GT lebien is wallah
leo Chen (10 months ago)
Hents (10 months ago)
Nope he/she is lil scumbag
Văn Tiền Nguyễn (10 months ago)
Can give me 1dl Name:zomew8 World name:zomew8 I sub you in youtube
JohnRLN (1 year ago)
Maybe Lebien is a Gay
Wolf MOD (2 months ago)
Ajuj Aja (3 months ago)
Kamu kan indo
Analog Game (4 months ago)
AlifHax (5 months ago)
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Nakki Sormi (5 months ago)
Lebien is still a normal player
Farhan Naufal (5 months ago)
KEV2507 KEV250706 (5 months ago)
Used wicker10's fame to get rich and played casinos.
TROLL CLASH (5 months ago)
He is a scammer dude she scammed imrap 380 dls fp see vid
TheXHell (6 months ago)
Im crying he/she was good i thought at least i have you abunaga
sixfil gt (6 months ago)
Wl yang terakhir
Mia x (6 months ago)
I want casino be legal bicouse i like when like hmmm 4 years ago anyone playd casino
It’s Faye (6 months ago)
Scammer fker cassino boy
Safran Safran (6 months ago)
Kevin Gamers (6 months ago)
Video copy right haha
Csn is the best shit in game Not
Syalendra Fauzan (7 months ago)
OBUNAGA IS NOOB *_* in gt lol
ScaryG (8 months ago)
is it bad play casino? ik its illegal but fun.
Patrick Fagan (9 months ago)
RAVEN (9 months ago)
Guys emg dulu casino biasa aja karena pro player rata 2X karena casino tapi sekarang casino lebih banyak di ban makanya pada tobat
JossiahN GT (9 months ago)
I wish wicker could see leb lolll
Nekax (10 months ago)
like u have never plaed csn before -_
LecientGt Gt (10 months ago)
Doebys Boi (11 months ago)
Why Dont csn
KOFLO GAMING (11 months ago)
Dia pernah maen 10 dl klo g salah
KOFLO GAMING (11 months ago)
Udh pernah gw liat lebien main casino
RaBiD PotATo (11 months ago)
guys, im not saying i support thus activity, and sry for late reply... LEB actually claimed that he played csn bcus he was bored and wanted to quit...
wickedNEIL (11 months ago)
bigdic mghee (11 months ago)
I wish Casino arent illegal
Walking dead Dead (11 months ago)
Lebien scams
Verp Jae (11 months ago)
Most Korean play CSN. Even Auto
Jazz gtx (11 months ago)
why lebein scam my 400dls shes not trusted
U can donate me wl pls me world risky12e me name risky12e pls
Zackgamer_yt (1 year ago)
Can i have wls my name ans my world World:rollyorcia Growid:rolly20
MengTy TSM (1 year ago)
Jognhmgmgmgmmggmmgmgmg noob
AGYAN RN AGY (1 year ago)
Renaldy Hidayat (1 year ago)
I dont know, Why lebien do ilegal games?
BEAST REAPER (1 year ago)
DANIEL HS (1 year ago)
i know u to play lel u host with ur team
hElLO -Da WaE (1 year ago)
Let's not forget we have photo shop. And idiots she has legend and doesn't have a katana. YOU FAILED YOU FUCKING IDIOT
Legendary indeed.
herra dab gt (1 year ago)
Wtf lebien
MY DREAM SET (1 year ago)
What songs
Adoomie Swag (1 year ago)
Why did u change intro
Zenbu (1 year ago)
Lel why do i feel like ur using sub account to play csn so u can earn wls since using sub doesnt ruin ur reputation(im just saying)
Slico (1 year ago)
Lebien is shit
Haxim Gaming (1 year ago)
Musik name
Android Gaming (1 year ago)
Cost Play Csn i saw him
LordMusic Gt (1 year ago)
lebien always play casino i always know that xd
M4CHGT (1 year ago)
Knew it...She works with a guy and scam try to check out "lebien scams"
Ibr4 GaminG (1 year ago)
Mungkin dia lelah
Blob Fish (1 year ago)
Nobody gives a fuck
Lol is lebien play casino get banned :D
RainbowLower (1 year ago)
idc about casino, casino is just stupid in itself but if it isnt a scam world why would it bother me :/
KINGYJ GT (1 year ago)
LeBien exposed
Chia Levi Olivia (1 year ago)
Woy gua nabzr napa dah ngatain gw noob mulu setiap gw warp lo
Failed ho2 (1 year ago)
Me not like video but like music What is music obunaga
AntsTopia GT (1 year ago)
Name song?
Dogen0s Gaming (1 year ago)
Read desc I laughed so hard
iIKaijuIi GD (1 year ago)
I saw him/her scam! (LeBien) and i have already seen ZefroxE scam Phoenix wings and black aura!
iIKaijuIi GD (1 year ago)
LeBien is illegal!
ScanProfit GT (1 year ago)
Don’t Lebien feel bad for taking wLs from others?
Lee Familly (1 year ago)
Lebien is Scamer He is Wallah And he Is a boy
Arvio. Ardana (1 year ago)
Song pls
Gariuk (1 year ago)
wait obunaga plays to becos how did he knew that lebien is in that world
Hiro Takaendengan (11 months ago)
Gariuk GT hes not playing it noob hes just record
korokuzu01 (1 year ago)
subriber me and give away 1 dl
korokuzu01 (1 year ago)
Sultan Alfalah (1 year ago)
Name song
CryStar Xz (1 year ago)
He is scammer madfucker
Kyle Wiatt G. Gorospe (1 year ago)
That's True Lebien admitted it xD (The days Can was legal The old days...xD)
Pyry Säles (11 months ago)
Matty GT only moderators and autist kids care about that fact casino is illegal
Matty GT (11 months ago)
Kyle Wiatt G. Gorospe it was already illegal
RINA AFDIL (1 year ago)
Hahahah obunaga or lebien 😎
Cyka Blyat (1 year ago)
Top 5 YouTubers who got caught doing illegal stuff
Roulina Hara (1 year ago)
Anjeli Oppo (1 year ago)
i know casino illegsl but u know casino was fun and reason casino ilegal because scammer idts lebien play for fun right ? and 1 more lebien is not think 2 time because he dont change her/his acc first why using main account
the flag is different
Ahmad Loudin (1 year ago)
U can't blame her it's stupid af casino is illegal, and I honestly Think dirt games and casino should be legal but not the dirt games And casinos that scamm
KlaudizLT (1 year ago)
Casino issint illeagal if owner scams ughh and i got banned 55 days from @jenuine 😡😡😡
xd raphi (1 year ago)
Lol its fake. Show time with lebien in that casino world on one screen
Ice Bear (1 year ago)
Ckckck lebien
Spooky Doffy (1 year ago)
He wanted to only have fun, bro!
The Cosmic Sky (1 year ago)
Bigger question is. Why are you in the world /fp
KingPotatoe Gt (1 year ago)
It's dangerous to be a legendary player lmao
Ash Guianan (1 year ago)
Maybe Lebien is bored so she played casino i think. Atleast she's not a scammer.
WoodCollector (1 year ago)
I just wanna make this clear to everyone who thinks it’s an old clip; The weather shown in this video is obviously the Stuff Weather Machine which was added in 2016. Any form of betting got illegal in 2015.
Pyry Säles (11 months ago)
WoodCollector oops lol 2015 ur right
WoodCollector (11 months ago)
PeeBee Ässä https://www.growtopiagame.com/forums/showthread.php?221149-BETTING-IS-NOW-ILLEGAL-IN-GROWTOPIA
Pyry Säles (11 months ago)
WoodCollector it got illegal september 2016
Zraxu GT (1 year ago)
approved LeBien is a scammer and plays casino to earn wls
Vanish (1 year ago)
I'm actually Really Disapointed of you Lebein I thought you were better than that I guess not..
Vanish (1 year ago)
Lol idk why Did the Uploader Reveal the date its kinda weird to be honest..
Ram Hari Sharma (11 months ago)
GHOSTYFEST [FESTY] becuase once casinos were legal.
PR0 GAMING (1 year ago)
Unsub her
It’s my thinking LeBien is wallah
iDefaultBoi (1 year ago)
Rashan GT stole this video lol
K Y S (1 year ago)
Immmm soooo saaad
Rauf muhamad (1 year ago)
Khmer weekly (1 year ago)
Really I can't believe his action It can make people think all Growtopia youtuber play casino
Trust Razer (1 year ago)
Him A Friend ShadowSurfer why play Casini
Willy Hidayat (1 year ago)
Why did half of my famous casino/bj?... (btw what is Bj?)
Pyry Säles (11 months ago)
NSwag lol bj is not even near blackjack blackjack is simple and bj is overcomplicated
NSwag (1 year ago)
Black Jack?
Modflex (1 year ago)
its funny when al other plays casino they will be banned but if famous then nothing happends mods for u
Alex R (1 year ago)
It's okay we all have played casino even u tubers
yeckGT (1 year ago)
Lebien kayak telek kaya gara gara casino moga moga aja semua dl gk sengaja ke trash
Bangs Channel (1 year ago)

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