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Timestamps: 00:58 How to transfer an image on a candle 02:03 Mona Lisa trick 04:52 Surprising photo card 07:05 Transfer your photo on a pillow case at home! 11:04 Cool drawing game ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/5min.crafts/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5.min.crafts/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/5m_crafts Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: http://bit.ly/2ldditZ Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: https://goo.gl/fWbJqz Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: https://goo.gl/PEuLVt The Bright Side of Youtube: https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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Text Comments (3438)
e salinas (10 hours ago)
e salinas (10 hours ago)
Nicole Giuliano (10 hours ago)
This is cool I love it 🥰
social repose fan (11 hours ago)
3:31 they cut the tape
social repose fan (11 hours ago)
She has one green eye and one blue eye I like it
Omid Eftekhari (13 hours ago)
7:53 omg I'm gon get nitemares tonite XD
Кит (23 hours ago)
Видео для бомжей, жалко что бомжи не глядят ютуб.
Pastel Cookies02 (1 day ago)
little Flower (1 day ago)
7:31 that girl has different eye color 😧
Mei Long (1 day ago)
3:08 that is what every girl is addicted to in my class!
Shannon Heft (1 day ago)
2:20 that's one cheeky mona lisa
UltraKarolax (1 day ago)
Odessa Lepouriel (1 day ago)
I do
Melisa Dockry (1 day ago)
Weird7 51
Ami lo que me gusta es la musica es pegajosa
lorena ponce (8 hours ago)
see a mi lo mismo
Ninja panda 08 (2 days ago)
Wait for the cube you cut through to tape how does that work
Liiz Limon (2 days ago)
Like si pensabas que el homero iba a hacer algo mas espectacular xd
Juliet Nelson (2 days ago)
Some are just scary
pim pich (2 days ago)
11:03 is ...😖
Garrett Ring (2 days ago)
Do they not realize that using an exacto knife will cut the tape??????? 3:32
scrap sans (2 days ago)
8:45 realizes has to iron shirt soon https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiyjNyT55PfAhVMEawKHaEnBmgQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fme.me%2Ft%2Fsudden-realization&psig=AOvVaw2S_LopIgnJ68qfRdzD2A31&ust=1544481245832762
KEV Studios (2 days ago)
7:53 narcissism
Homer Skies (2 days ago)
2:21 content aware scale lol
GameMaster106V Xbox (2 days ago)
Who makes a pillow of themselves?!? I can understand a pillow of nick cage but not themselves!!
Manuel Murillo (2 days ago)
me.... oh and i nodiced that her eyes are blue and green
You showd one hack 2 Times in this video 😑😑😤😤
7:56 З А Ч Е М?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!??!?!
для чего разрезать фото собственных малышей?)))
Нурис Гали (2 days ago)
Бля отчего английские видосы в топе российских
laraib fatima (3 days ago)
I do
Refo51 (3 days ago)
Да бля, заебали ПЛАГИАТИТЬ!
xx Bamboozled (3 days ago)
7:36 those eyes are amazing
Cẩm Hằng Hồ (3 days ago)
7:55 1 mắt xanh dương 1 mắt xanh lá cây😍
Sweetmz * (3 days ago)
The only reason I think I would make a pillow with my face on it is to cuddle with it because I have no one else to
Mr. magic man (3 days ago)
Wait a sec... these are good?
David King (3 days ago)
Ohhh we have ourselves a pewdipie contender!
11:30, 6ix9ine Spotted 😶😶
Emilia Dosque Retamal (3 days ago)
Quiero que el primero (el de las velas) lo haga maire :v
Cida Santos (3 days ago)
7:38 Is beautiful this music, who is?
Blooming_Flower _ (3 days ago)
At 7:42, why does it sound like the song says you are wallpaper
esma tube (3 days ago)
07:40 kızın bi gözü mavi öteki yeşil
Like si te diste cuenta que tenía un ojo azul y verde segundo 7 :16
Jocel Tiamzon (3 days ago)
nice... the first one impressed me
KuaTRoKa (3 days ago)
Like si viniste por la miniatura
Dave Buvens (3 days ago)
Legend series gaming (3 days ago)
Dafuq click here>2.20<to see monkey face lol give me like if you laugh
2:20 😂😂😂
Ari Cheerios (4 days ago)
Awesome! But seriously.. has anyone actually done one of them
Gamer Bros (4 days ago)
This is sometimes pointless like if you agree
MiniTaiぉl (4 days ago)
*i’ve seen lots of youtuber try the five minute drafts and it’s actually blackmailing us, it doesn’t really work, I tried them myself* Edit: don’t waste your supplies for this, it’s not worth it
Sunset Cyanide (2 days ago)
MiniTaiぉl dude, black mail is when someone goes “if you don’t do this I’ll do this* they aren’t blackmailing us...
Angel De Leon (4 days ago)
WilliamBgaming YT (4 days ago)
PewDiePie: "Very cool!"
RubyPiec (4 days ago)
2:19 now thats art
Leena Kuut (4 days ago)
Rick Sanchez (4 days ago)
Infinity cube!
otapim 48 (4 days ago)
Eye green& eye blue what (?)
corey (5 days ago)
2:02 Wait that was it?
corey (5 days ago)
That is the ugliest bookmark I've ever seen
SallyThe KawaiiPanda (5 days ago)
I love your brown and blue eyes!! Its so pretty and special!
TheGamingGuy (5 days ago)
The Mona Lisa picture got stolen right when this video came out.
Cody Tucker (5 days ago)
Look up generic family photos to find the photos used in the video.
Kaytlyn Rennick (5 days ago)
hey 5-minute crafts i love you! :)
Storm the Wolf (5 days ago)
The first song all I hear is "when I love being high"
NancyLouHooPoo I (5 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks the Erwin singing is saying “and I love being high”
Gloomy Tanuki (5 days ago)
7:49 Why would you purposely do this?
Делаешь скан ебасосины неприятеля и по вечерам зерачишь его
pedro games H (5 days ago)
A😠😡😴😅@ 😈😇
Fwuffy Tiger (5 days ago)
2:21 nightmares
m e (5 days ago)
5:43 cutting off her fingers
Кто российский
[AIM]EnesBaba (5 days ago)
Nie duz cekiyon amk
43 millones co mier**
Do not go down Read more
ниссан xs (5 days ago)
Where do you get the wooden blocks? Like si no me entiendes
vanda cardoso (6 days ago)
2:34 JuSt IrOn ThE pHonE cAsE
Laos Laos (6 days ago)
2:20 что это? Зачем это?
Seid Huseynli (6 days ago)
Aka Blizzard (6 days ago)
If you fall for it you like this comment Read more
You failed
Be free with Naomi (6 days ago)
Creo que hacer esto no es muy útil, es mejor no hacer nada de eso 👍🏼😆😆😆😆
Orion Da Derp (6 days ago)
am i the only one who noticed both of her eyes are different colours?
NateCant Draw (6 days ago)
5-minute crafts more like 5-year old crafts
Mon Zam (6 days ago)
Tips is crazy
Thomas James (6 days ago)
3:47 that boys face...
Viva Vargas (6 days ago)
11:39 6ix9ine
gavinfire66 (6 days ago)
Did anybody else hear “I love getting high” in the song that was playing
Melis Türker (6 days ago)
2:20 lol thats creepy
Merry crismast
BoxHead productions (6 days ago)
Who else agrees that the crafts in this are useless
Squid Animations (6 days ago)
Who actually never does these? Always watches them, but never does them?
DIY TV (6 days ago)
Кто читает это предложение на российском с того лааааааайк
Здрасте российские кушать??
This is too hard xD
mehrona cool (6 days ago)
Есть кто российский?
Achilly (6 days ago)
Everyone subscribe to peediepie
Іра Тищенко (6 days ago)
Ставь 👍 если ты не говоришь по британскому
Kreativer KanalName (6 days ago)
Dirt (6 days ago)
Yea, Im COOL C- Slowly O- Losing O- My L- Sanity

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