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kennyS - Best CS:GO player of 2017 so far?

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Some of the best plays from kennyS this year by far. Is he the best or only one of the best players in 2017? facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialteamgetfight/ twitter: http://twitter.com/teamgetfight Kenny 'kennyS' Schrub is a French professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and a former Counter-Strike: Source player.
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Text Comments (484)
Mahmoud Jayyousi (6 days ago)
kenny fuckin S .. Dude >
what is the title of the last song'
ok man (20 days ago)
he will end,, just like others pro player,, great players will keep coming
LEVIX YT (1 month ago)
hard scopes
prince rosales (1 month ago)
kellyS best in Sniper
Kennybatman123 (4 months ago)
My name is kenny and his name is kenny xd
CallMeReal (4 months ago)
No kenny is aimlocking... he has a coder making him undetected aimlock scripts. I see it lol, look closley; his cross-hair goes directly to the player whenever he uses a auto with no scope... SHAME ON YOU KENNY!
კომბოსტო (4 months ago)
nice joke
burak can (4 months ago)
gaza geldim go go go :D
Blue Sky (5 months ago)
wtf is this reaction time ?!
Adam Plays (5 months ago)
Top 3 player 2018 - 1.Scream 2.Shox 3.KennyS
cookie sniper (4 months ago)
Adam Plays L
Sadboy333 (5 months ago)
kennys vs scream ?
Carlos (5 months ago)
best player is me obviously
SuperMigs #Boom (5 months ago)
Ok I know a number of people hate stewie2k but for me I like him as his awesome at every weapons but kennys is good in Awp and scream is good in ak but stewie2k is pro in all weapons , just watch his highlights
SuperMigs #Boom (5 months ago)
For me my favourite csgo players are kennys stewie2k
AzoN Marine (5 months ago)
What is the song that plays at the end of the video??
Wolfy 98 (5 months ago)
pls crosshair///
Stefan Chivadar (5 months ago)
KennyS fanboys..
KennyS is my favourite player of all time but i think we shouldn't forget players likd Olofmeister or Niko.
Urmy (5 months ago)
Scream headshot machine
ErtyHD (5 months ago)
Best awper in the world. Im a huge kennyS fan but he is not the best PLAYER in the world, but the best AWPER in the world
Maciek Jedynak (6 months ago)
KennyS is good
Toby William (6 months ago)
KennyS is the best player <3
Anttoliina (6 months ago)
The best player in cs:go history
Shahana Reena (6 months ago)
What will he do when he play with normal players ?
EEH (6 months ago)
How can someone has such reactions?!?!!!!???!!!
the sound :D::D but so fucking easy for kenny shahzem roca schneider scream kylq or me =) this is just easy so aim =) for u not kids learn it but u can learn 100 years...u just a camper ! fucker kids and easy for me and kenny and other good =)
i make so shots stoned and drunk at 3 am ...
D: (6 months ago)
Lol no Hobbit is more impactful than kennys
Calebzky (6 months ago)
well i haven't seen anything from him right now in 2017 or 2016 i cant see a match hes on and now guardian is the best awper kenny is now 2nd in csgo best awper because he hasn't been playing :P
Thumbnail-Detect (6 months ago)
RodSpeed (6 months ago)
For all the people who are saying Kenny S is bad or some shit, just remember this is all an opinion and nothing to get to triggered about
TrailerTrendy (7 months ago)
reflex time = <0.15ms
SuperLapplander (7 months ago)
without watching the video.. I can say NO. He can barely score kills with anything but an AWP
Zé Gotinha (7 months ago)
He isnt even the best AWPER. Coldzera, Niko, Fer, Fallen, Device and Rain had a better year.
MercYami (7 months ago)
The GOAT KennyS
MasterPiece (7 months ago)
Brazilians belongs too potnhub
Hitesh Lingwal (7 months ago)
Wtf fast hands
BALA -CEGA (7 months ago)
Fallen > all
Secret God (7 months ago)
Ofc the best player is coldzera how matter how you look at it.
BrokeN (7 months ago)
Fallen is better awper
Kamalpreet Kaur (7 months ago)
Rip 2014 kennys
Fiolek 98 (7 months ago)
Music ??? 0.00 3.00 ???
Chen Bautista (7 months ago)
Why are they gonna drop the weapon when the game is over?
Adeel Azam (7 months ago)
Second song plz
Hej Hej (7 months ago)
Lauv (7 months ago)
Last music?
Driver Razvy (7 months ago)
Does anyone know the viewmodel from the video? Thx
OrphenShady (7 months ago)
AH YAY a fan of EYSHIELD 21 !!!
Forseti (8 months ago)
Nice triggerbot KennyS.
Luís Arthur Felten (8 months ago)
Coldzera, Fer e Niko mandaram abraços!
james12011201 (8 months ago)
KennyS never be the top5 player in any single year.
hEnry HuNg (8 months ago)
I will go for cold or niko
Tammes Maciejczyk (8 months ago)
He bodysprays 8 bullets but he cant spray really good, not the besteht rifle movent and aim
fc. MonDev (8 months ago)
Kennys noob than hacker lol
xScara (8 months ago)
Kenny's And Fallen And S1mple is god so far
VALY (8 months ago)
kennys is barely top5, he is somewere in top 20
Daisy Palma (8 months ago)
Or snax
Daisy Palma (8 months ago)
The Best team Will be is KennyS,Scream,Fallen,Shox And Stewie2k
Max 2848 (7 months ago)
Daisy Palma yeah but it isn’t possible you dumbass top teams are restricted to certain languages. Here’s a better one KennyS, Shox, ScreaM, NBK, Happy
Gremlin #Dream Arts (8 months ago)
predatortaipan (8 months ago)
kennyS is for me the best AWP-Player - hes absolutely insane!
Pand141 Ch (8 months ago)
Always carried with his magic stick
Romain S (8 months ago)
gros voleur de video grosse sous merde
DJ - Rocket Man - (8 months ago)
Anyone who watches alot of PRO cs KennyS is not the best player or awper of 2017. JW and Fallen have been doing get way more frags and way more Impresive PLAYS. Ntm 90% of these kills are nothing impressive. ClickBait TITLE
TetsuPF (7 months ago)
Jw did nothing this year nt
holycow67 (8 months ago)
63 dislikes are from FalleN and GuardiaN fandicks
IRKsome (8 months ago)
Didn't do too well in Atlanta
tGGzen (8 months ago)
Best awp
Tomislav Mandic (8 months ago)
i agree that
Fatih Ünal (8 months ago)
SK yı ağlatmış adam amk
mirko311294 (8 months ago)
They are just all a bunch of hackers
DarkWolf (9 months ago)
1k Likes! 1k Likes!
Бот Man (9 months ago)
Бот Man (9 months ago)
Omg keenysss
GreX (9 months ago)
Lucien Vargas (9 months ago)
I think KennyS has the best mechanical AWP skills but i love FalleN´s game sense and awareness (Kenny also has good game sense ) but taking into account FalleN is the IGL for SK which is the best team of 2016 and part of 2017 I think FalleN is smarter, more valuable and complete so I will give the best AWP to FalleN
Caterung Vods (9 months ago)
Fully bodyshot yeahh best cs go player
Crunchy :3 (4 months ago)
awp player* only some clip with deagle m4 and aK and totaly hs so stfu for this useless comment.
TonyNilsen94 (9 months ago)
jesus effing christ put music in the description, it aint hard.
BOMB KING (9 months ago)
if i see 2015 kennyshit pays i will dislike
DPSniped (8 months ago)
Heavenly (9 months ago)
BOMB KING lul wtf are you trying to say
Gustavo Fernandes (9 months ago)
Lul nice clickbait Sk literally has 2 players better than him this year
Heavenly (9 months ago)
Gustavo Fernandes oh yeah ofcourse the other favelas on the other comment just said "the best player have to wins" i think cologne is bigger than everything and two fucking tournament
Kenny Ramos Garcia (9 months ago)
i need the music boiz!
köttleif (9 months ago)
so far? its almost the end of 2017 bro
Yisus The Iguana (9 months ago)
He is too inconsistant to be the best player, and ill probably be hated for that comment, but flicks, noscopes, jumping stuff, bhop etc, that fancy stuff doesnt win games and kenny dies a lot of times for that stuff, honestly, the best AWPer has to be Fallen for me, the guy can be a passive AWP, a passive AWP, and he is also the IGL of fucking SK, Kenny only knows how to play aggresive, and there are a lot of times that he dies just for beign that aggresive in peeks. Sorry boys, but Kenny isnt the guy that used to be long ago, same for scream, shox, JW and Get_Right
Night fallGM (7 months ago)
Yisus The Iguana flicks and no scopes are important not fancy... There used to kill players if there either close up... Also flicks are really important too don't know what your talking about calling those "fancy".
Max 2848 (7 months ago)
SK as a team is very aggressive you know. It isn’t just KennyS, it’s the whole of SK that is very aggressive playing. That’s what makes them so good. If you watch many interviews pro players will say that the hardest people to play against are SK because they are very aggressive and unpredictable.
Yisus The Iguana (9 months ago)
There isnt such a rule that says that the team that wins the tournament gets the MVP
Heavenly (9 months ago)
Yisus The Iguana ofcourse the one who won the tournament won the mvp youre so dumb or what
Yisus The Iguana (9 months ago)
NBK started crying when he saw ''always carry the team'', frags isnt everything, Kenny won the MVP because he won the tournament, K0nfig, cajun and even device deserved it more
Gökay Pro (9 months ago)
Nice video man you are the best <3
Seif Eddine B (9 months ago)
Not the best awper nor the best player, wtf are you talking about? Awp oscar
Ove Oppe (9 months ago)
Best awper yeah, best player nah, have u seen cold? Ffs hes insane
heuheu (9 months ago)
Leif GG Persson (9 months ago)
S1mple > KennyS
Leif GG Persson KennyS>Simplegay
Harry Lee-Day (9 months ago)
great vid :)
Rahas reus (9 months ago)
best highlight editing of the month?
By Gari (9 months ago)
Niko or Simple will be best for sure
v3ylor -IWNL- (9 months ago)
The best players in 2k17 KennyS & s1mple
Vasilije Pavlovic (9 months ago)
I don't know why people say that Coldzera is the best I mean everyone has his own opinion , in my opinion Fer is better than cold just sayin but when it comes to the best player right now kenny is absolute beast cold is good but he is not like he was before :D
Tijs Haanappel - (7 months ago)
Cold is mechenagly more skilled then fer. But fer has just such good timings. I think i've to give it to cold, cuz i feel like fer would not do this wel in a different roster
Enoch Annor (9 months ago)
People say cold is the best because of his statistics. He has a 1.26 rating which is insanely good.
Tiffany Chen (9 months ago)
Rally want to see G2 vs hackers
Vanilla Coke (9 months ago)
Hmm that's a weird way to say NiKo
OUSSAMA LIMOUNI (9 months ago)
me>kennys and fuck fallen
joao pedro nobre sousa (9 months ago)
kennyS best player ? HAHA
Enoch Annor (9 months ago)
Who do you think is the best player right now than?
kadirev 99 (9 months ago)
No he is best awper 💪
hhh (9 months ago)
a potato (9 months ago)
I love both kennyS and FalleN
ツdanipvp (9 months ago)
Wow really kennys the world best awper
AndeN (9 months ago)
Currently he's the best IMO, after cold dropped off.
Simen Lauritzen (9 months ago)
Why do you only show 3ks?

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